Kobus & JJ wedding – 30 January 2016

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On 30 January 2016, I met Kobus and JJ at Riverplace country estate for my first same sex wedding. The weather was amazing and the venue could be used to its full potential. The service took place under trees next to a river and there were a lot of beautiful nature around the venue for the couple shoot.

The day was very relaxed but a lot of hard work went into it as Kobus and JJ gave attention to every possible detail. The décor was simple and elegant with a green and white theme and each guest received a personal message on the seating chart.

It was a fun wedding. The guests could enjoy some snacks next to the river while the fun photobooth was in use and the grooms were accompanied by their “I-do-crew” throughout the day.

This wedding was definitely one to remember with good food, great atmosphere and amazing people.

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  • Bradley Venter

    Im not gonna lie it was a beautiful wedding and i wish you all the best. This pictures makes me excited for my wedding i just need to find my mr right.

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