SA Fashion Week October 2105

I got the chance to go to SA Fashion Week for the second time this year, and WOW!! We have some really amazing talent in South Africa.

These outfits below are the 2016 Winter Collection from Sies! Isabelle. The jewelry & accessories are from Wild Charm.

My little sister also had two outfits on the runway. I cannot believe what she made. It’s gorgeous.

I took these photos from the spectators angle soooooo hopefully next year I will be able to get in as one of the photographers of SA Fashion Week.

Milk P_0733Milk P_0734Milk P_0735Milk P_0736Milk P_0737Milk P_0738Milk P_0739Milk P_0740Milk P_0742Milk P_0743Milk P_0741Milk P_0744

The designers from left Zumae Bothma from Sies! Isabelle, Jessica Michelle Le Roux from Wild Charm and Isabelle Lotter from Sies! Isabelle.

Milk P_0745

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