Craig, Zane and their two girls

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I met Zane and her family at Matala Tala farm outside Kameeldrift. The farm has many wild animals like buffalos, zebras and giraffe that don’t mind the attention. When I got to know the family a bit better I knew exactly why they chose this location.

They are a fun family who enjoy the outdoors, they often go camping and hunting and the two girls already have several hunting achievements that they’re bragging with. They are two gorgeous girls with a will of their own. It was a lovely nature shoot and I would love to hear about the girls new hunting achievements in a few years time. Milk P_0830Milk P_0839Milk P_0833Milk P_0835Milk P_0831Milk P_0832Milk P_0836Milk P_0840Milk P_0837Milk P_0838

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